Win up to 4000 coins per hand in All American 10-hand Poker!

All the kinds of poker hands you would expect in the single hand game with a whole extra load that gives 10 times the chances to win. Start with bets under a buck and up to 5 dollars a total bet. You can win as much as 4000 coins per top winning hand if you have a Royal Flush.
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Big rich hands are always All American in this 10-hand slot.

Ready to step up the action a bit? As you might have guessed, All American Poker is fun enough as a single hand, but try 10 whole hands at once! Sure it takes a bit longer per round, but it sure can pay when it hits! All American 10-hand Poker is 10x the fun!

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Take a look at the odds of this simple single hand game for a second. There's 10x the chance to win something. Standard rules include no wilds and the basic pay table for the usual deals that win anything. Pairs, three of a kind, four of a kind, and of course the straights, flushes, and the popular full house. Make a bet up to five coins in a range that covers anything up to 5 bucks, but don't expect to place bets on every single deal since it's what you see on the screen that you wager for.   It doesn't get easer than that.

Don't like the hand you've got? Replace cards by clicking on them and move to the next set to make a play for a better deal. When all is said and done you might just have some payable winning hands up to 10 times the original deal. All American 10-hand Poker is bursting with fireworks and plenty of winning potential. Try it today!

The only way to win is to play it like an All American, loud and proud! This is the classic poker game to see the odds work in your favor ten times over!
Looking to win it all? All American 10-hand poker is the way to go.