Aliens from the 1986 film are back in Aliens slot machine

Aliens seems to be competing with an opponent that does not exist and if one does exist, than the opponent is itself. My experience was not of playing slots, but one of staring at a garble of pictures, lines and readouts. The screen resembles more of a HUD (Heads up Display) of an aircraft than a player friendly slot game.
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Aliens video casino game - born from the big screen now taking over a slot machine

With its deep blue tint and detailed graphics, Aliens will offer the gamer a hybrid experience of slots with an unexpected extra added bonus of Xbox.  Far from being the one-arm-bandit of the Wild West, Aliens brings to life a gaming experience like no other.  With that being said, the questions remains; is this what we really want in slot gaming or are we just putting lipstick on a pig?

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15 Bet Lines make up this 5 reel slot as well as a multiplier appearing randomly in the range of x1-x10 for damage amount.  With Wild symbols appearing on reels 2-5 in Level 1 and randomly on the reels in Level 2, one can gain a quick advantage in maintaining their luck.  Unfortunately this is where the slots ended and the normal experience ended.

I think for the younger gamer Aliens would be enjoyable and entertaining.  But for someone looking to spend some time trying to make money on the slots and keep it simple, this is not the game I would recommend.   

Although with 3 levels called The Search, The Encounter and The Hive I was somewhat taken, but with the Ammo Clip Reel, Hive Health Meter and Grenade Strength I suddenly forgot what I was playing and seemed to be transferred to an Xbox game. I would say that gunning down and attacking aliens was not what I had in mind when signing up to play this game.
Aliens fills a niche where there is no niche. A game which tries to create a better mousetrap but in doing so tries to tackle a new game altogether.