Get abducted into Alien Poker plays that can last hours, if not days!

Space is not the final frontier and neither is the best hands played in Alien Poker. Best cards are already held so the thinking is easier to play from with a top pay on any Royal Flush of 4000x the stake. Ready to have an alien encounter, these poker faces are the kind you'll meet!
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Zap away some video poker plays in Alien Poker with as many as 100 hands

As fast as these space freaks show up, they're gone in a flash. As are the lightning quick plays of Alien Poker where you can play a single hand or up to 100 at a time. Wins depend on the hand held and any win can be offered a side bet to gamble the winnings or not.

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Unlike anything you've seen in this world, maybe perhaps the reason is because it's not from this world! Alien Poker is more than the average video slot poker game. You can play a single hand or up to an amazing 100 hands! Yes, it's true, 100 hands. However these aliens are usually up to no good. Start with your stake with only a penny per coin. 5 dollars is the top wager for any coin amount, so expect a 25 dollar play with 5 coin maximum. Now this all changes the moment you set the amount of hands.

When playing 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 hands, it's still a 25 dollar wager total no matter what! The down-side is that if you hold specific cards on the main hand it will automatically copy this selection for the rest of the played hands. Let the hands run as their course as-is and you might get a higher win overall. At a 5 coin wager you might even win the 4000 coin jackpot for landing a Royal Flush.

Single-hand video poker from a galaxy far, far away! Play up to 100 hands with a main hand deciding their fate. Come and see what can win at rock-bottom stakes!
Alien Poker online: A close encounter of the video poker kind...