Winning is like discovering The New World all over again

Play Age of Discovery slot for a maximum coin payout of 60,000 coins during normal play plus 32,250 coins during the bonus round where winning is just like discovering a new land.
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Age of Discovery video slot -- Featuring 60,000-coin jackpot

While many seem to have forgotten the slot roots and/or are utterly obsessed with that boring poker run, Age of Discovery is loaded with gorgeous avocado, banana, guava and other yummy New World symbols. Yes – someone at Microgaming gets it and Age of Discovery is one of the prettiest games this year!

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Start off by wagering, if playing in real play, between $0.01 to $0.50 in either Euros or Pounds with a maximum bet of 250 coins or $125. There is a wild that functions as a multiplier, a scatter that begins the bonus round. Explore a treasure map in the bonus round until you hit the skull symbol which will end the game. Make it through all 28 hidden treasures and net the second highest jackpot of 32, 250 extra coins. Five gold coin symbols pay out 60,000 coins with the maximum bet of 250 coins or $125.

Beautiful graphics of the New World while you explore a treasure map for up to 32,250 in real gold casino coins.
A gorgeous offering by Playtech, The Age of Discovery is both beautiful and slots worthy.