Soaring top wins worth a 2000x stake, when playing Aero Slots

The high-flying spins of Aero Slots can preform even better when the help button is turned-off. Wins are fairly flighty even though they can be stakes for as low as 5 cents per spin. It's always fun to try for free before you begin your official flight. Come and fly the low-stakes skies of Aero Slots.
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Aero Slots classic-style online slot, with 2000x wager jackpot

Planes, trains, and automobiles. Hey wait! This 5-reel is just about things that fly! So get into the higher frame of mind while playing Aero Slots 5-reel. It's a bit like a 3-reel only more fun. Up to 2000x the stake to win and also offers 5 paylines for pennies on the dollar!

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hose marvelous men and their flying machines never intended that their machines would soon be laying eggs on poppy farmers. Who knew? Get Wright to it while playing the Aero Slots 5-reel that favors a top jackpot win of 2000x the stake. Each line that allows a wager can start with just a penny soaring-up to 5 dollars per line. That's a lofty 25 dollar spin, so be sure to have loads of floating money handy in that case. As you can see there are only 5 flying symbols on these reels.

The top winner icon here is the Doug Henning magical starship otherwise known to most people as a hot-air Balloon. Sadly no Zeppelin can be found here. Once you start there is an automatic help selector which tells you what to press and how to play. Unless this is disabled, it keeps pointing at areas of the game which becomes annoying after a few spins. Have a nice flight, and please fasten your seatbelt.

Not a single rough ride in the spins of Aero Slots. The help arrow does help if you've never played before, While modest wins are on the wing of every other spin played.
Come and fly like a bird with Aero Slots' 5-reel spins; you have to bring your own peanuts and soda on this flight, though...