Power Poker: 100x the video poker action

Aces & Faces Power Poker is the ultimate version of video poker, allowing players to play up to 100 hands at a time.
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Play up to 100 hands in Aces & Faces Power Poker online

This one is just like regular video poker except players are allowed to play up to 100 hands at a time with common cards after the draw. It's a variant that puts a twist on video poker logic and allows for some especially big payoffs on lucky deals.

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As in regular video poker, the player antes up a wager and is then dealt five cards. In Power Poker, however, those five cards will start up to 100 other hands you're playing at the same time: Any cards that you hold before the draw will be held in every other hand you're playing, even though each hand will receive cards from a different "deck."

Payouts are made based on the value of each individual hand. A pair of jacks or better wins.

Play up to 100 hands per deal on Aces & Faces power poker -- that's a lotta video poker!
Power Poker: So many hands, so little time...