Aces & Faces pay great in this video poker

Aces & Faces is actually the standard video poker game: Make the best five-card hand with one draw; pair of jacks or better is a winner.
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Special payouts on 4 of a kinds jacks, kings, queens and yes, ACES

Though it carries something of a complicated name, "Aces & Faces" is simply just video poker with no wilds and payouts on any player's hand that's valued at a pair of jacks or higher. The only difference that sets "Aces & Faces" apart are the special high payouts on four of a kind jacks, queens, kings and especially aces.

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Player first chooses how much he/she wants to bet. This amount is expressed in coins and only a five-coin play will earn the player the highest possible jackpot payouts, so this is recommended.

The player receives five cards and must attempt to make the best poker hand. The player gets one chance to draw anywhere from zero to five cards, and payout is determined based on the player's poker hand after the draw. Player needs to make a pair of jacks or better to receive any payout.

Remember that Aces & Faces has big payouts -- but only when playing five coins per deal.
Aces & Faces video poker: No bluffing necessary