Aces and Eights video poker pays nicely on some high-ranking hands

Real Time Gaming’s Aces and Eights is a decent take on a classic riff on video poker. Extra high payouts may be had on certain four of a kind hands, but other than this the rules remain the same for the RTG variant.
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BORING - Aces and Eights by RTG an online casino poker variant

RTG’s Aces and Eights video poker is a sharp version of the online casino classic, with added high payouts for hands of four aces, four 8s and four 7s (don’t ask about that last one).

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The gameplay in the Aces and Eights online video poker, courtesy of Real Time Gaming software producers, is your typical fare. Wager between one and five “coins” valued at between 5¢ and $5 on a hand to receive five cards, with the objective to make the best possible poker hand. In Aces and Eights, any hand with a pair of jacks or better wins a payout.

The major difference between standard video and Real Time Gaming’s Aces and Eights are a few bigger payouts for specific high hands. While most four of a kind hands pay out a max 100 “coins,” four aces or four 8s win up to 400 coins – and for some reason, four 7s are worth max 200 coins.

(Incidentally, this writer had never heard that video poker players are into cigars and champagne, but this icons await off the right of paytable and cards.)

No wild cards are in play in this one, but on the plus side the references to “Dead Man’s Hand” is only incidental. Get higher payouts on certain four of a kind hands.
Don’t fear Aces and Eights – enjoy video poker with some high payouts