Do you like Pool? Then you’ll absolutely enjoy 8-Ball Slots

8-Ball Slots is a typical classic slot, in that it only has 3 reels and 1 payline. It plays however, very much like a game of pool, in that players will either need to hit solids or stripes to win. 3 solid and 3 striped balls pay money, though bagging three of a kind is a better way to win, with three black 8s the key to the jackpot of 2,000 coins.
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8-Ball Slots by Playtech – Sink the black to win the game and jackpot

8-Ball slots is the end product of what happens when you mix pool with slot machine gaming. Playtech’s classic slot machine game has no less than 15 different symbols, with each one representing a pool ball, and it is the players job to match up as many like pool ball numbers as they can, whilst playing this 3 reeled classic slot game.

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8-Ball Slots has coin values that range from 0.05 up to 5.00 per coin, with the online slot permitting no more than 2 coins per spin being wagered. On a single lined classic slot, this obviously makes the minimum wager a lowly 0.05 per spin, and the maximum stake, no more than 10.00 per spin.

As anybody who has ever played online classic slots before will know, there are seldom any special features included, and that is certainly the case here. Instead players can win prizes by either matching three of a kind (with the pool numbers), or bagging 3 solid balls or 3 striped balls on the single payline the game has to offer.

This is a nice idea for a simple three reeled slot. It’s by no means a guarantee that this slot will catch on, but it certainly is catchy for some. The graphics are all very nice, and the design is that of a standing slot machine in any land based casino.
8-Ball Slots: A new and fresh theme, with a new and fresh game style...