Make a guess with more choices in 5 Card Hi-Lo 0.1-10 casino game.

We're guessing you'll know which card is the best choice to pick. In the game of 5 Card Hi-Lo 0.1-10, there's always a practical way to play. Pay table winnings can be flighty on risky guesses, so make sure you play it safe on the easier picks offered.
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Budget yourself with this casino game for a change...

Talk about counting cards when it comes to a hi-lo game. In this version the odds are not hard to follow as this deck holds 52 cards showing 5 of them on the table. Pick the odds to win for a higher or lower number possibility when you play the 5 Card Hi-Lo 0.1-10 casino game.

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Don't be afraid to crunch the numbers when it comes to having 5 cards you can pick in this game. The 5 Card Hi-Lo 0.1-10 casino table is open for business offering amounts that range from 1 cent up to 10 dollars. Each chip (or stake) is played for the card selected. If you win the pay table will tell you before what the total stake will turn-out to be. There's not much left to the imagination after that. Beware of a push as this will cause your bet to be lost. Especially when playing at 10 bucks per round.
Actually, you can pretty much make a good guess with 5 cards showing on this table since this deck holds 52 all together.  After each win you may apply the winnings towards the next pick or cash-out to save that money won. As a rule of thumb, never play the riskier guess when it's somewhere in the middle. You stand a higher chance to win with all opposite highs and lows.

Want more out of life with the choices you make. This is one round of hi-lo where having five choices is always a better run for your money.
5-hand Hi-Lo 10¢ to $10: More selection tells you probable odds to win in this 5-card game...