With 3x the chance to win, try 3 Hand Hi-Lo 1-500 casino hi-lo today!

Just like Cool-Hand Luke, you'll have to keep your head clear and always trust your gut-instinct. Even a low hand might turn-up a push which causes your bet to be lost. Then again, for stakes up to 500 bucks per play, it's worth it! Guess again, who'll be the big winner here?
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Top hi-roller stakes up to 500 bucks per round in 3 Hand Hi-Lo 1-500.

The top of the heap of hi-lo games is here with even better chances to land that possible win with 3 hand Hi-Lo 1-500. Offering 3 card to choose from, that allow the maximum effect with triple the choices. Which card has the more likely chance to win, only you'll know in the end...

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With every risky pick you play, hi-lo games are always based on chance. The game of 3 Hand Hi-Lo 1-500 is not for the squeamish with the top stakes worth 500 bucks per bet. The payouts are way better if you play these kinds of stakes, however the risk is usually a risk to rich for most. At least demo play gives the illusion of maximum bets played. What is even more interesting is that any push is not refunded so if you happen to get a matching number or high card suit, you'll lose the bet automatically.
As expected any Ace and King is turned-over on the first cards dealt. The next card pulled will be your card to play. Guess high or low on any of the cards shown. With a set of 3, you get to choose which has the better (or safer) odds to win that round. Let it ride after each win or collect on the amount and proceed  with the game. Good luck and always keep your cool!

Red-hot hi-lo action with some very tasty stakes you can play. Try a buck up to a 500 dollar stake, this is where you either walk away with something or nothing.
3-hand Hi-Lo $1 to $500: Boil your blood with these kinds of high-low high-rolling stakes...