The poker variant that's a table game

An old-fashioned version of poker becomes high-tech with the online casino version of 3-card poker.
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Slightly less crazy than versions with a side bet is the standard 3-card poker. It's basically player against the dealer for best three-card poker hand. Beat a dealer's qualifying hand (queen-high or better) for serious payouts.

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Dealer and player are each dealt three cards. Player's are face up. After seeing the cards, he/she must decide whether to stay or fold. Staying requires the player to double the original bet and folding loses the bet.

If the dealer does not have at least a queen-high hand, dealer folds and doubles the player's original ante. If the dealer qualifies to play with queen-high or more and the player wins, the dealer pays out 4x the original bet (or double the wager on the table after the player stays).

3-card poker: An adrenaline-inducing version of the world's most popular card game.
Will we someday see the World Series of 3-Card Poker...?