3-card poker: A popular miscellaneous game

It's like poker, video poker and blackjack all rolled into won -- plus side bets!
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A popular "miscellaneous" table game, 3-card poker combines elements of poker, video poker and blackjack. It's basically player against dealer for the better poker hand. Dealer must have a hand of queen-high or better to qualify in Microgaming's version and there is also a side bet called "The Pairs Plus Bonus," which gets payouts based sheerly on the player's hand.

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To start play, player places an ante along with the Pairs Plus side bet if he/she so chooses. The player gets three cards face up and the dealer gets three face down. The player first decides whether to play or fold. On a fold, the player loses both bets. If he/she chooses to stay, the ante bet is doubled.

If dealer does not have a hand of at least queen-high, the dealer folds and pays the ante bet. If dealer qualifies and the player wins, the payment is double the entire bet. The Pairs Plus side bet plays the player based on strength of hand: A pair or better wins a payout.

Microgaming features the "Gold Series" of 3-card poker, an intriguing range of riffs on the classic title game.
You're still seeking the royal flush in 3-card poker.