Three card poker, a popular casino table game

Something like Caribbean stud, Rival Software enhances the game with more betting options.
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Variation of poker with an extra set of cards for more chances to win

It's like a small version of Caribbean stud, but with an extra "pair+" bet possible so that you might actually win on losing hands.

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To start play, place bets on the table. The player may actually make two wagers in the Rival Software version of three-card poker: the ante and a "pair+" bet, the latter of which pays whenever the player gets a poker hand of a pair or better.

The player receives three cards face up, while the dealer gets three cards face down. After looking at his/her hand, the player may choose to raise, requiring a doubling of the initial wager, or fold. The dealer's cards are revealed and, if the player's hand is higher, the payout is 2x bet.

Consider your three cards ... do you have the hand to beat the dealer? Great! Ante up!
Three cards is all it takes to win.