A little extra incentive to gain bigger wins in 3 Bets Poker Pro

When one bet just isn’t enough, you’ll have to try your luck at the 3Bets Poker Pro table game. A royal flush can pay 1000x the win on top of your bets played, while any tens or better is even money won. Take-on the table that gives you an optional pull for any bet played.
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3 Bets Poker Pro -- High-roller online casino table game

Poker usually has just the ante and some extra side bets placed. In the 3Bets Poker Pro table game, you can place 3 bets for each hand played. With an added bonus bet you can win from the first cards dealt. A royal flush can win 1000:1 on any stakes played.

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Play any round of poker and you can expect that the odds are not going your way. If you decide to play 3Bets Poker Pro table game, you might have a chance to see something bigger come your way.

This table game begins with bets that start from one dollar and continue up to 50 dollars per wager across this table. There are two ‘Pull Bets’ that can be placed, in addition to the bonus wager. The bonus wager is won in the first round, whereas the Pull Bets are won in the first cards drawn. Go figure!

Similar poker stakes apply to keep the flow going ling enough to see a result in your hands.

10s or better or two pair can win any hand played, except in the case of a hot hand holding a Royal Flush. This can pay a top win worth 1000x the stake involved. If you wager the bonus bet, the same win may award up to 1900x the amount!

If you happen to be skeptic enough about the possible wins, try the game for demo play for nothing risked at all. This is poker at the highest level you’ll find anywhere.

Count it out loud and proud, any three bets played can win triple the win involved at this wicked poker card game table. 3Bets Poker Pro table game is your hot ticket to winning action.
3 Bets Poker Pro online casino table game: Pull a bet based on the first dealer card drawn; that’s quite a round of poker...