Win multiple ways with 25 Line Jacks or Better video poker

25 Line Jacks or Better video poker has something you may like as the extra impact of video pokers rounds. Win up to 4000 coins on a Royal Flush, across a potential 25 hands in all! Super low stakes per hand make this game worth the real return wins.
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25 Line Jacks or Better video poker hands raise the stakes to win bigger

Looking for the ultimate trip to bigger return wins while playing the video poker rounds? 25 Line Jacks or Better has an additional 24 lines of cards which compare your main hand, and complete a possible win over the rest of the screen card combinations. Big winning potentials here!

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Now you can spread the luck over 25 hands at the same time. In 25 Line Jacks or Better video poker, you can now build a simple poker hand to include pairs, jacks or better, even a royal flush! Use up to 5 coins per hand with coin stakes that have only two choices for denominations.

10 cents or 25 cents are the choices you make. Spread over these 25 hands, a low-roller max coin play is only $12.50 per hand in total! What a deal that can be if you have a pair or higher in value. Winning the Royal Flush is paying 4000 coins for each hand, as you might imagine, the luck of winning 25x over that wagered play…

Most hands will merit jacks or better and pairs, however full house hands do often come around. You have to see it for yourself. Overall, 25 Line Jacks or better is a speedy fun game for the combos that are selected.

25 Line Jacks or Better online video poker game runs hotter than ever with 25 chances to win over this spread. The more the merrier in video poker hand plays!
25 Line Jacks or Better video poker top wins pay 4000 coins on every Royal Flush won!