100 Ladies video slot game will even keep the men coming back

100 Ladies will not overwhelm you with features and options but will keep you interested with its ladybug theme. Although with 100 paylines, you are sure to be captivated by the winning opportunities.
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These 100 Ladies are fun to play and keep the game exciting

100 Ladies is a cute a catchy video slot game for everyone.  If it didn’t involve gambling, I would even recommend it for the whole family.  A cheerful game with a gang of ladybugs and I guess “man” bugs, makes this a fan favorite.  Not exactly loaded with extra features, it is the cheeky graphics and colors that keep this game interesting.  This video slot keeps the gamer engaged at a reasonable pace and does not overload with graphics and sounds.

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5 reels and 100 paylines help this game make up for its lack of features and bonuses.  The ubiquitous wild symbol of a bushel of ladybugs keeps this game entertaining while affording plenty of opportunities to win.  Multiples are generous as are the frequency of a winning spin
If you’re lucky enough to spin 3 bonus symbols on the center 3 reels, than be ready for 10 free spins as well as 2x the total bet.  For beginners this game offers a proper minimum for betting as well as a large sum of money for those looking to cash in on their play.

Stay focused on playing the game as 100 Ladies will not overwhelm you with features many gamers are accustomed to.
A simple well thought out game which makes up for the lack of features and bonuses with good old fashioned slot fun.