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Online video Keno games with various betting systems and styles

Internet video Keno is lottery-style casino game and with a comprehensive casino directory specializing in every kind of casino game, Keno is also a part of the repertoire. The game originated in China and is now played worldwide. It is played with numbers from 1 to 80. Players can play with either one or multiple cards. Keno is similar to Bingo in that after deciding on the number of cards to buy and the numbers to play on it’s all just a matter of waiting on the numbers to come up in the number draw.

Any matching number is called ‘a hit’. A maximum of 20 numbers can be played at one time. The player who has at least 5 or more numbers matched to the drawn numbers is the winner. Rules can vary from game to game.

Keno is a very popular casino game that is very similar to Lotto. In land-based casinos it uses a round glass container called a “bubble” that contains 80 balls that are drawn. Playing online these objects are simulated by computer animation. Each ball is imprinted with a number 1 through 80. An air blower mixes up the balls and when a lever is pressed it opens a tube where the ball drops. Players bet on the numbers that will drop.

Players mark their bets on a keno ticket made up of 80 numbers arranged in 8 rows. After players have marked their tickets, 20 balls are drawn. Each casino game online sets its own series of pay scale choices called “paytables.” The player wins based on how many numbers drawn match the numbers selected on the ticket and according to the paytable selected in regards to the wager amount. Players can win large amounts on relatively small wagers in Keno.

How to Play Keno

First players must make a bet on one or on multiple tickets on which numbers will be drawn. The amount of money won depends on the number of “spots” caught that is the numbers that the RNG (random number generator) selects that coincide with the numbers a player has chosen. Players simply guess on which numbers will be drawn at random. Players mark their Keno ticket then balls will be drawn. Many people enjoy playing Keno because they can win a great deal of money on a relatively small wager. Minimum bets can be as low as 5 cents. Remember, when you pick a number if that number does not come up doesn’t mean that it won’t come up on the next bet. The choosing of the numbers is absolutely random and may or may not be different every time. Often times the same numbers will be generated. Playing in patterns too does not mean you have an advantage; again, numbers are completely random every time.


Once a player picks numbers to submit the numbers are drawn and no changes can be made. Players select no more than 10 numbers between 1 and 80. Each selection is called a “spot”, so if players select 10 numbers, the player is playing a 10 Spot Game. Players can play a minimum of 4 at a time to play at a lower bet. Players first must decide how many numbers they want to bet on then they must choose the numbers that they want to bet on. After a player has decided on that, players must make a bet. Numbers are then drawn and hopefully if you are lucky, you will be able to collect a win. Playing online players have more of a chance to win than at a real casino.


There really is no real strategy to Keno; it is solely a game of chance. Many casino players prefer games of chance to games of skill. For some, the excitement of ‘chance’ is a big part of the fun and thrill of playing. People often want to believe that ‘chance’ is on their side or that they can have an influence on it. The house advantage on Keno varies according to the Keno game played. It is always around 30% or more. Players have a 0.25% chance in hitting one number in 80 when playing Keno. The best strategy is simply to compare and play the game that pays the most for the number of spots players select. The best odds are found when betting on 8, 9 or 10 numbers.


A “bubble” is where keno balls are kept. Players will be able be the one to press a button for the balls to drop down the pipe, a “V” shaped tube called “the rabbit ears.” The “S” marks the numbers that players make on a blank keno ticket and are referred to as “spot” choices. A round of a Keno game is called a “Keno Race.” “All or nothing” is a game where all numbers are chosen and “Way Bet” is when a keno ticket has more then one bet on it. Way bets can be different combinations of numbers, different set of numbers or different ways of betting on the same numbers. “Standard bets” is when players mark a set of numbers on the Keno ticket – this is called a “Simple Bet” versus the “Way Bets” when players group set of numbers on the one ticket so that they can play more than one set of numbers on one ticket.

Variations of Keno

There are now video versions of Keno games that players can play online. These games look and act a bit like slots-games and can be played at virtually any online casino. Keno machines have followed the growth of video slots, increasing in popularity at the nickel level. Video Keno online can be played much faster than in a Keno lounge. There is Keno scratch cards, Keno arcade games, Keno slots and many more that players can find online to play for either fun or for real money. Racehorse Keno is a variation of Keno too. Many Keno games offer a progressive jackpot where players can shoot for higher payouts for bigger bets.

History of Keno

Although the word Keno has French and Latin roots it is thought to have originated from China. Rumor has it that the funds raised playing Keno helped to build the Great Wall of China. According to some, carrier pigeons were sent to far-off villages to share keno results making the Chinese name for Keno “white dove ticket.” The game spread when Chinese immigrants in the 1800s moved from China and began to work on the mines and railroads being built in the West. The name of the game changed then from “boc hop bu” and “puck apu.” When the name reached Texas the game started to be referred to as “Keno.”

Popular Culture

There is not much to say about Keno as far as popular culture goes but it is making a real presence in culture today, both online and in land-based casinos. On the Internet people are playing what is known as “instant keno.” It is becoming a favorite amongst casino lovers. Online the game plays out much like a spin on a slot machine or a video poker machine. Players only need to click buttons and results are instant.

Skim through different Keno video games available for quick play in flash version at our site before deciding which game best suits your liking and then play for real.
Keno strategy, well there isn't much to it, just decide on the number of Keno cards you want and the numbers to bet on and leave the rest to chance.