Higher or lower? Black or red? The challenge of Hi-Lo games for online fun

It's perhaps the simplest game to play with a deck of cards and now you can enjoy them at your favorite online casinos! In Hi-Lo games, simply guess as to what the next card might be ... are you psychic? That'll help.
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Casino Hi-Lo games with interesting themes for casino players

If you’re looking to test your psychic powers and perhaps make a little money at the online casino then a Hi-Lo game is perfect for you: This most basic of all possible card games is now available at nearly every internet gaming outlet. The way most online casinos’ Hi-Lo games work is simplicity itself. Wager up and a virtual card is “drawn” from a standard playing deck of 52. Guess whether the next card is higher or lower – and perhaps even more payouts are possible when correctly prognosticating the color or suit of the given draw as well.

Surprisingly addictive and lots of fun, Hi-Lo games are a decent way to take a brief break from the more traditional fare at online casinos everywhere. Try any of the online games listed below and see if you can tell the future while playing.

Hi-Lo is probably the simplest of all card games.  In its most basic form, the dealer will deal the player(s) a card face up.  The player will choose whether the next card is higher or lower.  If he is correct than he wins, if not than he loses.  In some games you can also pick whether the next card is the same.  In case of the same card (when NOT picked), some games will give it to the house whereas some other it’s a push (no winner).  It’s very simple in its presentation but highly addictive.

How to Bet

Betting for Hi-Lo can get somewhat creative but because of its simplicity there is only so much you can do before it gets somewhat redundant. Besides betting on whether the card is higher or lower, the player has an option to bet whether the next card is red or black and/or the suit. Decreasing the odds from almost 50/50 with this type of play increases your chances for a larger return. Unlike craps which offers plenty of strategy, betting options and various odds, Hi-Lo has only so much to offer.

Rules and Strategy

Rules for Hi-Lo differ with the types of games and for the most part the only rules that sometimes make a difference to the player are the amount of decks used. The odds change as well but this more has to do what the house is willing to offer.

In the case of a 52 card deck, the player has a fairly good chance of “counting cards” as their strategy will be to determine what cards have already been shown and what haven’t. This enables the player to determine the best guess for a higher or lower card, its suite or color. Not exactly how they use it in other games such as Blackjack, but no doubt this is an acceptable strategy against the always winning casinos. “Card Counting” is a strategy in cards games more specific blackjack, where a player tries to gain an advantage over the house to increase his odds of winning. There are different systems for card counting, as I’ll describe in the Hi-Opt II system. In this particular strategy cards between 2 through 7 are given a +1. 8, 9 and Ace are all given a 0. The 10, Jack, Queen and King are assigned a -2. Obviously with only one 52 card deck, the strategy is easier. That is why in most casinos Blackjack is played with more than one deck and the games that do offer only one deck have worse odds.


As online gambling has gained popularity, every game at the casino has made its way onto the internet where you can play anytime your heart desires. Hi-Lo has not been lost in this shuffle and has seen somewhat of a rebirth in the gaming world. In the online world, games become a bit "sophisticated" as do their terms, as is the case with Hi-Lo. Higher, Lower, Red, Black, Turbo Bet, Double Stake, Bank All, Bank Half


Although the game is quite simple when you play just the basic Hi-Lo system and as stated above there are many ways to add features, create bonuses, change odds and other ways to make you spend your money. Remember the more bets you make through the course of one game, the more the odds are against you.

For example in the 5H Hilo 1-100 game the player is dealt 5 cards in a row. The player can choose which card he wants to bet against and whether the next card is higher or lower. On the face of it, it seems as though your odds are improved because you have 5 options. Unfortunately the odds are a bit lower than playing with just one card, and most people assuming its much easier play more than one hand. As I said the more hands you play the more your odds decrease.

In Hi Lo Game Show the player is allowed to bet whether the next card is higher or lower as well as choosing the color suite as well as spades, diamonds, hearts clubs and any combination of these. The players can always bet and extra $1 for the Bonus Bet. Unfortunately he must first get all five guesses correct and then the 5 cards must have something from a pair to the Royal Flush. Bets such as these are always considered a sucker bet and most seasoned gamblers will tell you to stay away from these bets.

The casinos are there to make money and although it seems different, they will do anything to make you think the odds are increasing when they are actually doing the opposite.


Considering Hi-Lo is the most simple of all types of betting games, I would assume that it has been around since Moses wore short pants. Almost as basic as the “Rock-Paper-Scissors” games, there is no need for a table, dice, board or anything mechanical. Just a few cards representing numbers and an understanding of the odds and viola, you have a game of Hi-Lo.

With that being said, probably the only real change in this game has come from the introduction of video games at the casinos and on the internet.

Pop Culture

Unfortunately simple/basic games do not get the recognition of a Blackjack or Craps. How can you top the excitement and drama of a high stakes craps game or the deep thought and concentration of blackjack. Now this is not to say that Hi-Lo games are destined for the trash heap of history. It is games such as these that can be adapted to many things such as drinking games at the local University.

In its basic form, the “dealer” will draw a card face up and the player has to guess whether the next card is higher or lower. If he’s wrong than he as to drink and do it again, and continues until he wins 3 times in a row. After that he may pass on his turn to another player of his choosing. Not exactly brain surgery but another excuse to drink and have fun with your friends.

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