The WIld symbol can represent an symbol which provides for better odds

This is no ordinary substitute here. The Wild symbol is your ticket to bigger sized wins when you can have them make the selected matches over the reels. Feel the power of this little symbol and see your rewards grow! It’s time to get wild on your lucky spinning rounds.
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Get a fresh approach to your slot gaming with some wilds and added features

Should wilds even be considered a special feature in slots games anymore?

Nah, probably not. The only time a player should be surprised by the inclusion of a wild in a slot machine is if the slot in question is a three-reel classic-style game. Otherwise, yeah. Your 5-reel game’d better have at least the standard wild capable of substituting to make up those winning combinations. I mean, the odds are already well stacked against the player in slots; you can’t take away the wild symbol!

Are there different kinds of wilds?

Even more than you’d guess. Along with evermore common riffs on the standard wild such as sticky wilds and stacked wilds – you can see our separate pages devoted to these – a wild symbol may do even more for the player than “merely” act as a wild card to create wins.

A wild may also provide a bonus multiplier on any wins it helps make up, and can also multiply unto itsle in such a win. So if a wild symbol is automatically worth 3x the regular payout on wins, landing two wilds on that active payline should be valued at 9x the payout. You can see the possibilities here…

What are some good slots games with wild symbols?

Just look at this page. Literally thousands of titles on this website and even (a few) more online have wild symbols. In fact, we’d challenge you to find a 5-reel slots game worth playing that *doesn’t* have wilds in it!

No two wilds are ever the same; some games can include several wilds within the base game to give you even more playing power. It’s hard to hold back these wild ones!
Slot machines with wild symbols. Get better chances to win even more with the wild symbols in your slot game