Sticky wilds can stick to you much faster in video slots and improve your odds

You may just get some reel action when the sticky wilds are about the get stuck in your spins. These can expand an entire reel to make the plays into some very serious cash flow. They unstick after a few spins so be sure to keep your paylines loaded for the extra rewards to get stuck in this tricky bonus.
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Get in the mood to stick around with this ultra-cool extra wild bonus feature

Do any slots include sticky wilds in the base game?

That’s the thing about sticky wilds: Quite a few slots games include this feature, but almost always are sticky wilds part of a bonus feature reward and/or a free spins round. One can certainly understand why: After all, what other symbol will pay on two (ore even more) concurrent spins?

Are sticky wilds popular?

We’ve got no true hard data on popularity of the sticky wilds feature, but we’d wager (so to speak) that sticky wilds are *very* popular. The truth is that, beyond franchise names and astounding visual effects, the matter that matters the most to most players is the payout. Now whether that’s by progressive jackpot or in-game bonuses, players simply gots to get the payout. Sticky wilds bring that payout.

Are sticky wilds becoming more common?

You bet your polyurethane adhesive! The larger casino game software designers/creators realize just how popular this feature is with players. In fact, as we head into the 20s, slots game developers are putting new twists on the sticky wild feature itself, such as using it in tandem with cascade-style games or adding bonus multipliers. And a game like Viking’s Fortune, for example, routinely allows the player to rack up nne or 10 sticky wilds at a time in its bonus rounds…

Which would you rather have in a slots game: Sticky wilds or stacked wilds?

Please don’t make us choose … hey, how about stacked sticky wilds? A few such games exist and are therefore quite potentially lucrative should one be lucky enough to trip the bonus round(s). Try Beowulf (by Pragmatic Gaming), Cash Coaster, Lunar Wolf and Viking Vanguard for a few examples of this all-too-rare phenomenon.

Who says you can’t have it all? This wild is going to get stickier every time you play with sticky wild slots. Some of them even show up in the free spin rounds too!
Get ready for real fun when the sticky wild icon makes a house call...