Bigger chances to win with stacked wilds along for the ride for more money

Feel like you’re in the mood to play with some better odds stacked at you back? Here’s where the stacked wilds are going to make the average slot into a mega-winner slot experience! You can even imagine there are more chances to get more than one stacked wild on more than just one line!
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Watch the reels get stacked with these wilds; they’ll be worth double on every hit

How great are stacked wilds?

On a scale of starvation to unconditional love, it’s definitely at least golden retriever puppies. Seriously, the chance – and the happenstance – of multiple wilds lining up in a single reel and coming together to pay out five, 10, maybe dozens of ways at once? It sublime, it’s fantastic, it’s why we play the slots, it’s multi-orgasmic.

Aren’t you getting a little out-of-hand there?

Some might think so, but we spouse they don’t love slots like we do.

We should add slight caveat to our gushery over stacked wilds, and that is this: The further those stacked wilds are to the left, the better. Think about it: Regardless of the number of paylines in play, *any* combination will require matching symbols in the two left-hand reels. The simplest way to do that is with wild symbols. And landing stacked wilds to fill reels 1 and 2 means an absolute minimum of nine paylines paying.

So sometimes you can land five or six stacked wilds and still win nothing?

Unfortunately, yes. In fact, stacked wilds filling the entirety of reels 3, 4 and 5 *does not guarantee a win* is almost every 5-reel slots game with the feature. And we can tell you from experience, that almost no other outcome in standard slots play is quite as frustrating.

But that’s rare, right?

Yes. Slots with stacked wilds tend to produce some pretty nice-sized payouts – although be aware that landing stacked wilds is hardly commonplace in slots with the feature.

Choose your poison; whichever bet you place can turn out to be stacked right up the top paying amount when these wilds are activated. Let your game be even better with this awesome bonus in the reels.
How many stacked wilds can pile up on these playing lines?