Stop the reels if you like, but please don’t claim skill is involved as its not

Hey, here’s a great way to increase your odds of winning at online slots: Use the skill stop! By timing the spinning reels correctly, the skill stop allows the player to actually judge where winning combinations will land. Not!
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The skill stop: Common feature in online slots games but be aware of misdirection

Is “skill stop” an accurate name for this feature?

Absolutely not – but here’s to thinking more than one newbie to the slot machine world has actually believed that a system to beat slots with the skill stop feature can be devised. Sorry, folks: This feature may as well be named “stop” for all the skill that’s involved; indeed, very many slots game still allow the virtual reels to cease in the middle of a “spin.” Of course, this is merely an illusion made possible by software capable of mllions of calculations per second and the comparatively slow speed of your conscious mental processes.

So slots games are still all about luck, right?

One more time: Purely. Skill stop or no, slots are all about random chance. If you want gambling with skill levels, try table games, poker or sports betting. Or the stock market.

Does skill stop enhance the slots-playing experience?

For some players, perhaps, but we have a hard time imagining such a player. After all, the autoplay feature has essentially been a must-have in online slots games since the mid-2000s precisely because so many slots players prefer *not* to have to hit the SPIN button between spins. Skill stop means that the player is clicking buttons twice per spin, and the skill stop feature thus often goes completely ignored.

Is the skill stop feature becoming more or less common in slots games?

As implied above, who’d notice? If we were pressed to hedge our bets (so to speak), however, we’d probably say this feature is becoming less common. Most players in the 21st century as not so naïve as to believe the words “skill” and “slot machine” belong in the same sentence and prefer hands-free pay, so why would one waste time programming a mostly unloved feature?

It’s almost as though certain casino software designers are trying to pull one over on the online player with the skill stop feature included in some slots. Once again, the “skill stop” involves no skill whatsoever.
Make the online slot fly by faster with the skill stop