Shifting reels add chances to win on a single spin of the slot without another bet

A recent innovation rising in online slot games along with complex video bonus rounds and 3D animation is that of the “shifting reels” phenomenon. Slots with shifting reels essentially offer a free spin of one reel with all four others held after a win.
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Shifting reels – A free spin bonus in online slot games with no download needed

Shifting reels aren’t very common, are they?

Not really, no. As you can see from the relative paucity of slots titles displayed on this page, the “shifting reels” feature is confined to the realm of a few bigger-name casino game software designers/producers. This is definitely one of those features that, once tried, is often sought out again, so we can probably expect the popularity of this fairly obscure feature increase.

What is the main advantage of shifting reels?

Any slots player who has indulged in a game with “1,024 ways to win”, stacked wilds, extra symbols or any other feature that would seem to make wins inevitable, only to find that the non-paying combination in a slot machine will *always* well outnumber the victories, would certainly appreciate shifting reels in their favorite slots, if only to give the illusion of bonus wins.

However, the advantage of shifting reels is obvious to the seasoned slots player: Any shift of a reel leftward is automatically more likely to increase the chances of winning, particularly in a “243 (or more) ways” slot. Think about it: Wins in a 5-reel slot game are dependent upon getting matches within the first three reels. A reel shifting from the fourth spot to the third – or middle – turns a probably-irrelevant reel of symbols in a potential payer. And shifting wilds in reel 2 over to that left-most reel is a boon most of the time.

Should shifting reels be in more slots games?

Of course; we believe that, in 5-reel video slots, the more features, the merrier!

A mutation of more traditional slot-game features like nudges and holds intermixed with the animation sensibilities of 21st-century gaming, shifting reels is a rare feature that basically holds four reels after a win and spins the fifth reel for (hopefully) bonus payouts for free.
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