Look for nudges and holds in quality classic slots games online or video slots

Kudos to those online casino software designers/producers who see fit to include the “nudge” and “hold” features in recent release of three-reel slot games. These features instantly make classic slots more dynamic – not to mention more reminiscent of good ol’ 1990s pub slot gaming...
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Nudges, holds – Bonus features in old-fashioned classic-style slots no download

Is there any better feature in 3-reel slots than nudges and holds?

Certainly not for those nostalgic about 1990s-style pub slots. Gods know when nudges and holds were first introduced in slot machines, but with the proliferation of video slot games no longer dependent on mechanical reels in the late 1980s/early 1990s, so spread the “nudge” and “hold” features.

What is so fantastic about nudges and holds?

In addition to providing the illusion of more wins – and with Random Number Generators in place, trust us, it’s an illusion – nudges and holds enhance gameplay by allowing each individual spin more life. Gameplay doesn’t end with the simple spinning of the reels and, in slots which award these bonuses randomly, each “near miss” comes with the hope that maybe just maybe I can nudge that reel 2 down one space o please o please … you get the idea.

Are nudges and holds becoming less common?

Paradoxically, yes. Perhaps because of the expansion of slots-style gaming into the world of “freemium games” for the tablet, a whle new generation has been exposed to playing of slots. But while the slot machine itself is highly iconic in American culture and is pretty self-explanatory, the Millennial generation simply doesn’t recall the awesomeness of the nudge/hold schema and so doesn’t miss them.

In fact, these days you’d probably be more likely to see a video bonus round than nudges and holds – even in a classic-style 3-reel fruit machine. Hashtag sad, as a certain US predident might say.

The hold and the nudge, those two so-key features of slot gaming, are making something of a comeback in the modern day. See above for some games which include these ever-handy options.
Nudge! Hold! And spin those reels on the classic slot again...