The gamble feature can make or break winning streaks -- play it safe

The thrill of games is even more tempting when the gamble game is calling your name. Be sure to keep your winnings under control and know your limits. One wrong guess and it could all slip away. It could also turn into some very impressive wins just for being gutsy about it!
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Gamble it all to win more, but beware of losing everything as it can be tempting

Usually the last part of any slot game includes a special feature that is called the Gamble. It’s part of the game that can potentially increase your winnings but also can reduce it to nothing faster than you won it! Let’s take a look at some of the types of gamble features that would be seen in different kinds of games.

As for the fruit machines (also known as 3 reel slots), these games were the first to allow the gamble game where you could wage your winnings over a simple kind of card suit game. Each spin would determine how your bet would pay if you guessed the correct bet of the card suit that came up.

The modern slot games including 5 reels all have some sort of gamble extra. They are all considered a 50/50 chance and in the end you my get super lucky or have blown the entire winning pot for not being careful. For some, the best part of the game is the final gamble since there is the most amount of risk involved.

In the gamble game you will see a choice of card suits, mostly red or black. You guess which will be the color and wage all or just a certain amount of your winnings in your bank. Guess correct and the winning amount can easily be doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled! Some games with a 4x amount win can certainly make a brighter touch to the pot but then again, who knows if it will be your lucky bet or not?

There is one downside to the gamble feature. It will usually have a cap on how much can be won based on your winnings you already have but there is no cap on how much can be lost. The risk can be very unpleasant for those who bet more than they had in the bank they won already. Either way, it’s still an exciting extra.
When you play the gamble feature you can be both the hero and the fool. Moderation is the key to making this game a safe bet. Carry-on carefully and you could have it both ways!
Heads or tails is a great bet but the gamble feature could win it all