When you see it, click and win! (But you don’t need us to tell you that)

In the ongoing quest to provide some sort of innovation to the online slot, software producer/designers constantly seek something that will attract the long-term player while keeping the game recognizable along the lines of the classic format. One simple solution in this area is that of the “click and win” feature...
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Click and win – An “instant win” sort of feature in online slots games

How common is the “click and win” feature in slots?

Unless you count “pick ‘em”-style video bonus rounds, the “click and win” feature remains, sadly, a rather obscure and overlooked feature. As such and as can be seen in the above selection of slots games with “click and win”, this slots-game feature is mostly the purview of the larger-scale video slots producers/creators such as Microgaming and Real Time Gaming. This isn’t to say that a smaller, independent software designer *can’t* employ the “click and win” feature, it’s just rarely seen.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of “click and win”?

Well, the advantage is the typically huge coinage that’s gonna come along right after the appearance of the click-and-win opportunity. The disadvantage? Well, let’s just say that this isn’t exactly the best feature for the indecisive. Just remember, folks: It’s all random, and that’s why they call it “gambling.”

Should more slots have the “click and win” feature?

We … guess so? The truth is that, while “click and win” usually indicates that big payouts are possible, the feature simply doesn’t go with every slots game, particularly those already involving an intricate video bonus round. Unlike features such as, likesay, free spins and stacked wilds, the “click and win” feature is not necessarily always welcomed within a slots game.

What are some good slots with the “click and win” feature?

We particularly dig on the Scandinavian Babes and Scandinavian Hunks slots, both laden with “click and win” alongside the serious helping of cheese- or beefcake. The Pearls of India and Wild West slots are well worth the spins as well…

How cool is the “click and win” feature in today’s online slot games? Pretty damn cool. See above for some cutting-edge slots online that incorporate this bonus perk.
Clicking and winning, clicking and winning – slots are fun!