Bonus Round games are not offered on every slot but plenty are available to play

While playing your slot game, it’s a perfect break within the normal spins when the bonus round starts! Here is where you can catch your breath and collect some much needed rewards that can extend your playing time as well. Get some bonuses every time you play the bonus round.
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Winning isn’t everything, though the free bonus round is a great extra

Many slot games will feature different kinds of bonus rounds that are offered in the game itself. This can show up in a couple different forms based on the kind of slot you like to play. If the category is 3 or 5 reel slots then these usually contain the extra bonus games that are unlocked through a spin of the reels landing on a certain combination and/or include symbols that start the bonus round itself.

When a bonus round begins the games can include a second screen that appears in which that bonus game is played. Players can pick from a series of objects or icons that usually contain a winning prize. These prizes are everything from more spins to winning coin amounts, or even a combination of the two.

In fruit machine-type games, the bonus round is seen in trails, holds, and nudges and can be tricky since they involve some skill to play. A nudge function allows the player to hold one reel in place to make a winning combo easier. A hold will allow more than just one reel to secure a winning combination. Both have the element of luck involved and don’t secure the win, but can have greater odds of a winning combo.

The trail is a small number at the bottom of symbols on the slot which allows the trail game to be activated when it hits the right combo of numbers. In a nutshell, it’s a shot to win the jackpot, and is one of the most popular functions that fruit slots offer.

However, in typical bonus rounds on 5 reel slots, the bonus round is very simple. You simply point and click on an object and the amount of that prize is revealed. And always has some form of entertaining animation and music included when winning that prize.

Every slot can offer a bonus round. In some games they include up to 3 separate rounds that all offer a different challenge. Find your favorite when you try new games.
No offer is more exciting than to get the bonus included for free!