Elimination of traditional paylines leads to “243 Ways to Win” for ree play

Essentially, “243 Ways to Win” slot games eliminate traditional paylines from the board and simply pay any winning combination from left to right, no matter where the symbols may appear on the reels. All wins are based purely on combinations found in going left to right across the reels.
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243 Ways online slot games – Casino games with extra paylines and real money wins

Once an outstanding innovation in online slots, the “243 Ways” style of games has become ever more common and popular; today, all the larger (and most smaller) casino software producers have at least one such slot in the games catalogue. Indeed, the designation has warped through the years to where some designers call them “Ways Win” or “243 Ways to Win” – and the original online slot of this ilk, Microgaming’s Burning Desire, was even known upon initial release as a “zero payline” game.

Naturally, the big company’s original description was clearly a bit too pessimistic for marketing purposes – and in fact somewhat counterfactual. Though most game descriptions will make the “243 Ways” concept sound rather complicated, it’s actually quite simple: As long as a winning combination lands anywhere on the first three reels, the line connecting the three becomes a payline – and a payout. It’s as though each symbol on the leftmost reels becomes a traditional scatter, albeit without entrance into a bonus round. Though slightly counterintuitive after years of spinning slots with far fewer paylines, it apparently doesn’t take long for the typical slot aficionado to love a “243 Ways” game – these slots’ continuously burgeoning popularity attests to the fact.
Microgaming started it all (at least online) with Burning Desire; a few years later, the “243 Ways” slot game is nearly requisite among online casino software creators/designers’ catalogues.
Surely "243 Ways" must mean every spin’s a winner…