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What beats hitting a nice win in an online slots game? That same nice win with a bonus multiplier attached. Slots with multiplier symbols can beef up the payouts on a regular basis … if you can find an ever-rarer game which contains the feature, that is. Check out a few games which do below.
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Features in internet slots – Unique attributes of online casino games

As online slots enter full-on 21st-century mode, special features are becoming all the more commonplace in the newest titles. See below for some common attributes in slots gaming from the rare to the essential, from the crazy to the sublime.

Among the game features LiveCasinoDirect touts are perks such as autoplay mode; bonus rounds, both video bonuses and pick ’em games; three kinds of wilds, including standard, expanding and sticky; freespins and respins; scatters; the gamble feature of 2x or 4x bonus multiplier; multiplier symbols, the “243 Ways to Win” mode; nudges and holds in classic slots, the misnamed “skill stop”; and the intriguing shifting reels – plus more.

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Technology has been a blessing for many industries, and the online gambling industry is certainly one of them.  From the good old days of the one-armed bandits filling the saloons, to the video slots in the casinos, the progression has been one of excitement and new features.  Since the slot games were incorporated into the computer/Internet, their rise has been nothing short of meteoric.  No longer your classic one-armed bandits, these video slots are more than just a handle and 3 reels.

Many software companies see their objective as putting as many features into a video slot without forcing the computer to melt down.  More is not always better, and sometimes these games are so full of features, bonuses and over-the-top graphics, they lose their appeal as a video slot.  Games such as Aliens or Terminator 2 bring to mind the type of games that some slot aficionados might find too overdone.  Whether or not this is the case, it is up to the players to decide which games they want to play and those they don’t.  At Live Casino Direct we don’t discriminate as we bring you every game available no matter how simple or complex it might be.

With so many features on offer such as free spins, wilds, expanding wilds, gamble feature, progressive jackpots, free spins etc.,it’s no wonder you can never catch up.  At Live Casino Direct we try to make sorting out all these features with one of our many channels.  In the “Features” channel, you will find a breakdown of all the available features offered in the slots and even some you weren’t aware existed.

The channel allows players to pick the various games they want to play via the features channel and clicking on which feature interests them the most.  Not mutually exclusive, many games consist of various features and provide a mix of options.  If it has bonus rounds, then chances are that it will contain free spins, wilds, scatters etc.   Since many developers always provide certain features to their games, you can sometimes figure out who the developer is just by the features offered.

As technology increases, the features and games themselves will change as they have in the past 10 years.  For better or worse, the slot of yesteryear will become almost unrecognizable, with the gaming experience becoming more like a video game.  Regardless, the features add excitement to a very simple game and provide entertainment like no other casino game.

While it’s true that many 5-reel online slots games feature a bonus multiplier in winning combinations assisted by wilds and/or scatter symbols, better still is the virtual one-armed bandit that includes a special multiplier symbol. See above for a few examples. Within each listed bonus feature are links to free play on hundreds of our extensive slot game catalogue. Enjoy a few perks the next you spin the reels.
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