A collection of cascade games in the spirit of "Bejeweled"

Pop, burst and break bubbles to discs with a hot collection of Chain Reactor Games. Find all the best ones from the leading casino gaming software companies of today right here. Each brand provides a unique version of their own chain reactor game with a variety of creative themes to choose from.
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Chain Reactor games where matching means a ricochet of instant wins

Addictive to the core, Chain Reactor games have taken a first-class seat with other popular games like Sudoku and Mahjong. Now, ever since the first “Bejeweled” games got the buzz going, Chain Reactor games are popping up everywhere. They are usually set up in the style of a grid. Themes range from jewels to smilies to anything imaginable. Play Chain Reactor games online for fun or real casino money. Players win by popping, breaking, and busting bubbles and other cascading symbols when a set of the same symbols match up. Each symbol has a particular value and when a win is made those symbols explode to make way for more wins. Additional symbols appear in their place for another chance to win. Keep making matches and the game will continue on, and so will the wins!

Play in a domino-style ricochet of wins in fast-moving, fun, instant casino reactor games now. Play in all the best chain games with state-of-the-art graphics, features, and design. Get addicted to the win that comes from paired symbols and the ones after that, and that.
Wins trigger more wins in Chain Reactor Games, a fun and fast way to play online.