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When playing Casino War online if the player ties with the dealer the player has a choice to make, either to surrender and forfeit half the bet or go to war. Go to war and win 10 to 1 for betting on a tie.Casino War offers a 50% probability for winning, that's 50/50, plus the thrill of reliving an old childhood favorite.
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Play old card game favorites like War, casino style for real cash

Once a child’s game, now Casino War card game can be played online at a veritable pick of online casinos. Casino War is played with six decks of a standard 52 deck. The values of cards are ranked the same as in poker but the ace is not always the highest suit. Casino War players play against a dealer and hope to turn over the highest value card which will earn the player the bet made before the play. Beat out the virtual dealer since you can't play against your younger brother anymore as he's all grown up now. Instead play in gambling form to assure yourself you are not regressing back into childhood preoccupations.

In the event of losing to the dealer in war, the player shall lose both bets. A tie bet is also available which pays 10 to 1 if the first two cards tie.
Casino war strategy is easy with a 50% probability of either winning or losing and is an easy game play.