Spanish blackjack hands will have you doing the 21 tango in no time

Ready for the taste of the border yet. With some great added extras for those combos that can pay even more than you expect, this game of Spanish 21 is worth a shot of golden tequila. Double-down and get insurance but never give up the best hands you get dealt in this version!
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Spanish 21 (a.k.a. Spanish Blackjack) -- Online table game for free play

Out of the many versions of blackjack you may like this one the most. Since Spanish blackjack doesn’t differ much from the western game much, it does have some great payouts that add to the plays. A very nice flavour that gives a south of the border feel to any typical blackjack round you can get. This version allows for the standard 3:2 payout for blackjack and insurance will still pay 2:1. If you like this already then you may have some unexpected extras too. Winning hands pay 3:2 for holding five cards, and six cards pays 2:1. Not bad huh?

Here’s where Spanish blackjack gets spicy! Hold a hand with consecutive numbers and win the bigger pots with a 6/7/8 combo will pay out at 3:2. The same combo with all spades can pay 3:1! While the best payout here is a 7/7/7 with suited cards and a dealer card showing any seven: This will pay an incredible 50:1!Take a look at the game rules to see a more complete list of goodies you can win in combination will keep you coming back to this hot chili pepper of blackjack hands. Even with all the normal blackjack rules you can get more than a smile with these kinds of bonuses added. Beat the dealers hand and see the money come jumping out.

These are classy and hip games with the superior feel of real blackjack action. Keep an eye out for newer additions that are sure to make their way onto this section of Spanish blackjack. Served-up hot and fresh for those who like their game of 21 to have some smoking results!

Who is going to spice up your night when these hands are hotter than ever? Depending on your playing mood you can set these games for expert mode for faster hand plays.
Add the tabasco to your typical blackjack hand to see the real Spanish 21 action...