What could be better than blackjack? Perhaps it's time to try Pontoon

A favorite in any British casino, pontoon is a very serious card game. Let the fun begin with every hand you play. As long as you keep from going over 21, there is always the five card trick to set things straight. Make your evenings even better with a friendly game of Pontoon to play.
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Online Pontoon -- Blackjack variation at internet casinos

The British are known for many things and Pontoon is no stranger to the card games that make the familiar game of blackjack such a hit over there. Even all the way to Vegas they’re playing it at many tables. Here you get to sample more than a few versions of the traditional game that is so much like 21, you might just think it is blackjack. Don’t let your guard down for too long, this ain’t the nanny game your grandmother plays.

This can play for the big money as well! Just a few different words in this game. For example you have the stick, the twist, and the buy. Well as long as you know it’s all relative here since you can still stand, hit, and double-down for those incredible times when the dealer has a weak hand. Even though the dealer’s hands are faced down you still can get a pontoon when your cards come up with an ace and a 10. Heck, even the dealer wins on all ties so there is still some pay involved.

The winning Pontoon pays an average of 2:1 which is not bad at all and still you can play the five card trick which is really buying a set of cards for the added price in order to keep a hand strong. Stay under 21 and the fun will keep you going for hours. There’s more than you can expect with this lesser known version of blackjack yet all the hands held here are surely well-played. More than just a few choices of the game can be found here with slight differences in rules. Have some fun and make a pontoon of money worth winning.

Win big hands while making the jump for the big pontoon win. Here you can double-down and still play the five card trick. It’s elegant and serious for any gentleman to handle.
Who loves the win of 21 when the pontoon is more than the average card game?