European Blackjack is a must play version for those who love Blackjack

Take a look at what all the fuss is about. If you like your blackjack games friendly then you must try this version of European blackjack and see the difference it will make. Keep it simple and find your favorite among this suit and tie selection. It’s the difference between night and day.
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European Blackjack -- Variation in which blackjack beats 21 and win more money

Not everyone’s cup of tea but then again this is the best selection of European Blackjack we’ve got collected together in just one spot. The rules are not so different than the normal blackjack game you know best except there are some funky rules that make it more of a gentleman’s game. One great point to this game is that the dealer never peeks at their cards, so there’s no need to think of it as a hole card game at all. The dealer will always stand on all 17’s which can be a hard or soft 17.

We know you like to split in blackjack so in this game you can only make a split once for each hand – Though if you happen to be lucky enough to get a pair of double aces, you can add multiple cards on those hands. Get a pair of 10’s and you have to have them match or the split isn’t allowed at all.

In this game of European Blackjack the card number is important so getting a 10 and an ace is just a 21, you must have the higher face cards and the ace to have the real blackjack win. As usual you can get a 9, 10, or 11 on your first two cards and still be able to double-down, or otherwise it’s not allowed.

Since this game uses 2 decks of cards, the total number of cards in both decks is 104. The best part about these games is that you can still play in the free mode to test your skills before you play and then make the leap to play for the bigger cash involved once you get a feel for the game. Try European Blackjack for top wins today.

Sit back and take a look at these wonderful blackjack variations with a very distinct feel to the European lifestyle of proper hands. Take a walk on this wild side for a change.
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