Split your hand up to three times in Atlantic City Blackjack in real money play

Can you make these hands do the splits? Here you can split these lucky hands an additional 3 times to get some extra playing action in your corner. Double-down twice when you start and when you split each hand. What a wild time this game is going to be. Get the Atlantic City edge now.
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Atlantic City Blackjack online -- Dealer stands on soft 17 changing the odds

Just like the game in Atlantic City – except you don’t have to travel anywhere to play this great blackjack variation. It’s full of surprises and some excellent hands you can build to win the bigger pots if you dare. Keep your eyes peeled on this one, it’s smooth and slick hands all the way. Every casino has to have its own version of blackjack but this one you might like even more.

With Atlantic City Blackjack you need to follow some simple rules to keep in this game like a pro. It’s all in the hands, where here you can play just a single hand or decide to play extra hands. Don’t get caught-up too deep here since you need to keep an eye on those cards. More hands mean more chances to win so playing several can be tricky.

No matter what, the dealer will stand on 17 whether or not it’s a hard or soft hand held. You can double-down on the first two cards dealt and also when you split too! In this game you can play up to 4 hands at one game, so there is the chance to play up to 3 extra hands with your main hand held. You can only get a blackjack with a face card of an ace or higher. A 10 won’t count in this wild version. Go over 21 and you know the rest is just a bust.

If you have a taste for something extra special then let these great titles be your next game to play with all the thrills that Atlantic City would have you playing for. You won’t find this kind of game in Vegas for sure and with so many to choose from it’s hard to think that there’s never a dull moment with the real feel of Atlantic City blackjack right in the privacy of your own hands.

Besides going all the way down to Atlantic City to play some extra hands why not get the multihand action right in your own hands. Play this unique version when you want the added perks.
Who needs just one hand when you can have up to four to get even luckier?