Games of Chance in Latvia

The Republic of Latvia is not known as a gambling powerhouse. Since gambling was made legal in 1998, the industry has grown exponentially. Providers offer some of the best casino sites on the planet.

It was only in 1998 that gambling in casinos was made fully legal in Latvia. The first brick-and-mortar casino opened in 1991. The requirement of an official license means companies need to adhere to strict conditions. Consumers are protected by EU law. Poker tournaments are lucrative in the country.

Latvia made online gambling legal in 2006. Many companies provided casino sites to Latvians without legal permission. In 2020, the government put a law in place whereby Latvia's ISPs will block websites that do not have the required license. Players who are caught are punished with a fine of up to €350 per infraction.

Latvia has various online casinos that offer services similar to sites like William Hill, Sky Vegas or other famous casino sites. The games have the same high-quality graphics, promotions are offered on the regular, bonuses of all types and all services you’re used to elsewhere. Companies have stellar help available for customers, including chat operators who are available 24/7.

Before you deposit, ensure your cash is safe. The government provides further information at the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection. It's the safest way of ensuring you're operating under the most recent regulations.

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