Gambling industry target F1 and F2 sponsorship deals

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Gambling industry target F1 and F2 sponsorship deals

Gambling industry is targeting F1 and F2 sponsorship deals. It has a big influence on the sport. It provides real cash or equipment, management, and services. F 1 cars used to have logos of various companies and brands. Now they have the logos from gambling and gaming sectors.

Gambling industry targets F1 and F2 sponsorship deals. Sponsoring F and f2 events benefits the gambling sector. Most sponsors of F/F1 are gambling companies. Below is a list of the most prominent sponsors from the industry in the F /F2 racing series.

Gambling industry target F1 and F2 sponsorship deals. is one of the most innovative crypto platforms offering iGaming products and services. It has over 10 million active users and has become one the fastest-growing crypto apps. The gambling brand became a sponsor of Sprint series of F 1 racing in June 2021.

188BET is a gambling site with sportsbook and casino gaming options. In March 2020, the brand entered into a five-season (2020 – 2024) agreement with F1 racing as its official APAC sponsor.

PokerStars has a partnership with Formula 1. The partnership will be running until 2023. PokerStars is owned by Flutter Entertainment. is a renowned and one of the fast-growing crypto gaming and betting platform. They partner with the Fittipaldi brothers for the 2022 F1 and F2 seasons. Pietro FITTipardi is their first driver in F3 and Enzo FITIPADI is the Charouz FTTIPDI.

In early 2000, sponsorship by gambling companies was almost halted. Now, it has been reinstated. Sponsorship shows that gambling is not as bad as people thought. It also shows the fact that it is a pastime activity.

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