Gamblers vs Casinos: 5 Most Famous Gambling Lawsuits

Gamblers vs Casinos: 5 Most Famous Gambling Lawsuits

The gambling business has had its share of contentious occurrences. This case is more contentious than usual because millions of dollars are at risk.

Gamblers and casinos often do not consent to the result of the games. If the player has won the jackpot or winnings and the casino is denying or refusing to pay, then the players could sue the casinos. Most popular court fights between the gamblers have been taken off by the gambblers.

Katrina Bookman won $43.1 million at Resorts World Casino in September 2016. The casino said she won only $2.25. Book man is suing the casino for not paying the jackpot. The case is pending in the judiciary. New York state gaming commission confirmed the machine malfunctioned.

Phil Ivey has won over $26.2 million in live events and $9.6 million at Borgata. He won $11 million from Crockfords. Crocksford and Borgatta won the lawsuits against Ives.   The magistrates of each case believed that Iveys wasn't cheating deliberately.

Sheila King won $200 million in jackpots in high-limit slots at Caesars Palace. She started claiming that casinos were altering the machines. Nevada magistrates ruled that gambling agreements aren't enforceable under established law. Sheila King lost most of her winnings and she was dropped from high status.

Ken Uston was a famous gambler and a card-counting expert. He was banned from all the casinos in New Jersey in 1979. In the end, he won the case against Resorts International. He wrote books named Million dollar blackjack, mastering PAC-MAN and the big player.

In 2016, a squad of teenagers charged Valve with giving unlawful gambling on their steam platform. Washington Federal Court terminated the case because it doesn't come under the RICO Act. The teenagers refiled their case in Florida and Washington, but nothing came out of these actions.

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