Gamble what you want to lose

Gamble what you want to lose
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Gambling – it seems like we all like to play cards – poker, blackjack, solitaire, plus slot machines and craps once in a while. But we are being bombarded by online gambling opportunities, apps all the time. Put this app on your phone/laptop and you can gamble 24/7 or until your life savings are lost.

From the eyes of a senior citizen, I would enjoy a nice warm vacation and spend my limited funds on a beach with my grandkids. I’d like to show the kids how to build a sandcastle and fish in the sea.

However, if you have money to burn and few responsibilities, enjoy yourself and take a friend along.

My big contribution to the gambling society is spending a few bucks on a scratch off. I used to go all-out with $10 on the national mega lotteries, but when I researched and found out the odds are 6 trillion to one. I stuffed my $10 back in my sock.

Folks would gamble on the daily number. The odds were 600 to one, thus if you bet a quarter and won, you would get $150. Almost every small business establishment will take your bet and the winning number was a combination of certain numbers in the newspaper.

Greedy people tried to “fix” the state lottery and it almost worked. But the culprits were caught. The famous number that showed was 666 when the fix was in the daily lottery way back when.

Gamble what you can afford to lose.

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