From Virtual Reality to Crypto-Payments

From Virtual Reality to Crypto-Payments
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Technological advancement often comes as a result of innovation. The I-gaming (internet gaming) industry is one of those that has constantly been at the forefront when it comes to technological advancement. I-gaming has become one of the most popular trends now as far as gaming is concerned. From I-gaming sites, new products, new tools, and technologies are being offered on a daily basis while the old ones are getting updated.

Daniel Bennet who is the featured author here, will guide us through the popular innovations taking place in the world of I-gaming. He enlists some popular innovations like virtual reality, augmented reality, crypto-currency payments, cloud-based gaming, artificial intelligence in gaming, etc. The latest developments in technology have led to an exponential growth in the entire industry with reports predicting that the global I-gaming industry will be worth over $45 billion by next year.

Innovation has always been key to success and that is why it is important for operators in the industry to be smart and on the lookout for new technologies and changing trends. Giving players what they want and potential maximization would be a way forward in the industry. Here is a list of top I-gaming innovative trends that is rippling through the industry like a wave with every operator taking advantage of it.

  1. Virtual Reality
  2. Augmented reality
  3. Cloud gaming
  4. Artificial intelligence
  5. Mobile gambling
  6. Different payment options


VR is one of those innovations that make online gaming more immersive and interactive. More companies such as Google, Samsung are making VR enabled gadgets and devices available at a much cheaper rate. Canadian tech industry is one that is leading and pioneering others in this area. Virtual reality gaming is gaining more popularity in Canada.


The popularity of Augmented reality in I-gaming is increasing as most phone designers are making phones with so much processing power and the best cameras. This has made the super-imposition of AR apps possible to create a more lively gaming experience that bridges the gap between real-life and virtual. One of such companies based in Canada exploring the limitless possibilities of AR implementation is OTR.


Cloud gaming technology is here to give the ideal gaming experience to users who do not have access to the latest gaming hardware. New games now require larger resolution, higher refresh rates, and more GPU. As such the next-generation games are becoming more hardware intensive.

Cloud gaming enables a user to stream games or files to a given device where these games can be played on such devices. Platforms offering this include GeForce Now which is offered by NVIDIA that allows subscribers to play demanding video games on enabled tablets. It even allows cross-platform gaming.


Artificial intelligence is now a part of our daily life experience. Search engines make use of AI to meet their user needs through ads and personalized services. Movie streaming platforms like Netflix still make use of AI for movie recommendation. Gaming sites also make use of mobile virtual assistance and AI chatbots to provide customer support for its increasing number of players.


Mobile gambling is common now in the internet space. Casino software providers are now focused on the mobile market because of its wide reach. More than 70% of Canadians play games on their mobile devices; adding betting to it makes it more fun.

The most popular online casinos offer different features like welcome bonuses, sign-up bonuses, free spins, etc. Are you in Canada? Asking yourself which online casino would give you the best online gaming thrills then checkout online casino reviewsfor reviews on top casinos in Canada.


Technology has made the internet to become a more secure platform for transactions. People were initially afraid of online transactions because of the fraudulent activities associated with it, but technology has made it safe nowadays. They have a variety of payment methods including cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, bank transfer etc.


The growth of the I-gaming industry has brought about competition among online operators. The major challenges still remain the ability to continue your game progress, earn rewards across all platforms without starting over when you switch devices.

New technologies and social media will continue influencing I-gaming and the key to stay ahead is to constantly evolve and create new gaming solutions for players through technological expertise and innovative gaming moments.

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