Free spins slots - Spice up the online slot game!

Who says you don’t get anything for free? Many online slot games today include a special adrenaline-pumping perk for players: Nice rewards of free spins in which you can merely watch the reels spin and the prize money accumulate. Play for free, no download is needed!
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Free spins casino slots

Of all the words within the terminology of online casino slot gaming, few are as alluring as "free spins". Many players break away from a favorite title to try new online slot games simply based on the opportunity of free spins bonus rounds – why not? After all, this is essentially the casino’s equivalent of "something for nothing" and with a little luck can counteract a lot of previous losing spins.


Though some online slots designate a certain symbol to award free spin rounds, this convention has all but disappeared in recent years’ worth of releases and usually the scatter symbol is the catalyst for a freespins reward.

Scatter symbols may potentially appear on all reels of a 5-reel game or just a few (in this case, typical examples would be scatters in the middle three columns or in columns one and five). In the former case, three or more scatters tend to get the free-spins and the spins are often increased with more scatters. In the latter, typically all possible columns must turn up a scatter.

Even better than the mere reward of free spins (dubbed “free games” in some slot titles for further appeal, as though necessary) is the fact that the spins almost always carry a bonus multiplier as well. In online slot games with no “video bonus round,” the bonus multiplier (and number of spins) in the free spins round is almost always static, i.e. the player will always receive the same number of spinning options and the same multiplier in the round. However, taking precedence over everything else when considering the free-spin-round in a given online slot game is one important feature: The retrigger. Such a feature allows the scatter symbols to reward further freespins within the round; while many games cap the number of total freespins the player can accumulate, some games will theoretically allow infinite free spins at casinos. No matter what slot game you choose, LiveCasinoDirect reminds that the best weapon the slot player may employ in the fight for big wins is knowledge: Become familiar with the paytable of any game you choose to play and understand what happens in the bonus round. Good luck and keep on spinnin’!
The surest way to rack up a big jackpot-level win on an online slot game is often to trip the free spins round. Just sit back and let the coins accumulate just by hitting a few scatter symbols on the reels… You have found the best free spins casino games here!
Free spins plus bonus multiplier equals happy slot players. The best casino slots with free spin feature are listed in here!