FirstByte Media's Cosmin Mesenschi on How Helps the Crypto Community

Author: Live Casino Direct
FirstByte Media's Cosmin Mesenschi on How Helps the Crypto Community

FirstByte Media's Cosmin Mesenschi is the Founder and CEO of FirstByte. Cosmins has a lot of knowledge in the crypto gambling industry. He explains how helps the community.

FirstByte Media is composed of Brand Creators. They create brands that serve users in search of valuable information.

FirstByte Media has three leading brands: CryptoGamble, BettingDose and MonsterGames. Monster Games focuses on the rising trend in the igaming industry, crypto esports betting. The team is working to develop more suitable projects for its future and current partners.

CryptoGamble is a valuable source of information and news concerning crypto casino recommendations. It is working on improving it and providing its visitors with the most relevant and up-to-date information.

The community is the main parameter that the website uses to choose which casinos to list. Most of the new casinos are researched in forums beforehand. The website also meets with people working for big brands at gambling conferences.

A crypto gambling platform operator can apply for a listing on The application process takes 2 weeks.

CryptoGamble has collaborations with gambling platform operators and game developers. It is available only to casinos with a particular rating score. has developed a unique rating system to help visitors choose the best casino to gamble with. It has recently started streaming on Twitch, Youtube and Dlive to test the casinos in their offer with their users. has helped more than 43k people make better decisions regarding crypto gambling since the day it went online.

CryptoGamble's future plans are to create a bridge between the casinos and the web. Cosmin shares his initial thoughts on how he launched and started his journey in the business. He has overcome several challenges and is now an international entrepreneur and speaker at several gaming conferences.