Fair, Fast, Fun, and Furious. Don’t Miss CryptoPunt’s Jackpot

Author: Live Casino Direct
Fair, Fast, Fun, and Furious. Don’t Miss CryptoPunt’s Jackpot

CryptoPunt is a leading e-gaming provider. Its platform allows users to enjoy the thrills of the casino without the hassle of KYC and the unfairness of house being stacked against you.

$PUN, the new token of CryptoPunt, is set to explode after the IDO launches on PolkaBridge and Uniswap. The Initial Market Cap will be $1,250,000, with a price per token for $0.22. Holders of $Pun will have access to the games on Crypto Punt's cutting-edge platform.

CryptoPunt is a new e-game ecosystem. To play on the ecosystem, you need only to connect your wallet. There is no KYC, no sign-up, and no other hassle. A user can get to the table in under a minute and play. The $PUN token is used to play all games. Users can also play with other cryptos.

CryptoPunt is the world's leading e-gaming platform. It's transparent and runs by smart contracts that are auditable and viewable. Holders of $PUN from the IDO will receive exponential returns. They will be able to make referrals to their friends to get them involved in the game. They receive a 0.1% distribution of all of the users bets.

CryptoPunt's IDO launches on 18th October. There are 160,000,00 tokens max supply. 50 million of them will be available for buyers. The majority of the rest of tokens are put aside to fund the house’s reserves, reward contributors to the protocol and for ecosystem development.