Ex-NBA Star Jayson Williams Helping Problem Gamblers To Rebound

Ex-NBA Star Jayson Williams Helping Problem Gamblers To Rebound

Jayson Williams is a former NBA star and a self-confessed problem gambler. He founded Rebound in 2016 to help those struggling with gambling addictions. About 70 clients a year complete the program. He spoke Tuesday as a panelist at the Seton Hall Law School’s “Gaming Law, Compliance, and Integrity Program Bootcamp

Williams is helping problem gamblers to recover from addiction to alcohol and gambling. He offers clients new adventures similar to those from gambling, such as sky diving, snorkeling, fishing, and hiking. He also offers them new social media activities. 6.3% of New Jersey adults struggle with gambling addiction. Williams is for responsible gaming. According to him, one drink is too many and a thousand is not enough.

Williams was asked about his NBA playing days and his legal problems. He admits to gambling during his playing career, but never gambling to lose the game. Mark Jackson and Charles Barkley were fined $5,000 each in 1990 for betting on their teams' head-to-head games. Williams is helping problem gamblers. His business is called Rebound.com. The company is aimed at helping people turn their lives around. Williams served 18 months in prison for aggravated assault in 2002. It was the shooting of a limousine driver at his New Jersey mansion.

Michael Jordan retired from the NBA in 1993 at the age of 30. He was spotted at an Atlantic City casino past midnight between the Eastern Conference finals against the New York Knicks. Jordan's father was murdered in the summer of 1993. David Stern said in an interview that the legend that Jordan was forced to retire due to gambling is not true.  Jayson Williams is helping problem gamblers.

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