Everything You Need to Know About Gambling Regulations in Sweden

Everything You Need to Know About Gambling Regulations in Sweden

In Sweden, betting for money is legal, but some regulations must be obeyed. The regulations became functional on January 1, 2019.

According to the act, any wagering done in Sweden without a license is illegal and cannot be promoted. There are several laws regulating gambling in Swedish. The laws include: Swedish Gambling Act (2018:1138), Swedish gambling tax act ( 2018: 1139), Gambling Ordinance (18:1467), and regulations on bingo for good causes, gambling machines, and gambling at casinos.

Everything you need to know about Gambling Regulations in Sweden. Swedish Gabbling Act (2018:1138), Gambling Tax Act, Gmb (18:1467), and GBM (2020:1).

Before you can become a legal gambling operator in Sweden, you must apply for a license and receive one. There are six different gaming licenses available in the country. The state monopoly license covers offline betting and land-based lotteries. Land- based commercial gambling license is for restaurant or hotel owners with permission to sell alcohol. Charities/Good Causes license allows organizing land based lotters and bingo and using the proceeds to fund a charity. Betting on ships in international traffic is allowed.

Having a Swedish gaming permit is important if you wish to operate an online casino in Sweden. Only someone knowledgeable, fit and possesses the right level of organization is eligible for a license. The application must be filled and submitted before the gaming authorities in Swedish can decide if the person is qualified to apply for the license and if they can operate both an on-line and offline betting platforms.

According to the Swedish gambling act, the maximum validity period of all licenses is 5 years. If the authorities have concerns about your application, you may be given a permit with a lesser validity date. The authorities might issue a warning to you if you have failed to comply with the regulations. Your permit will be revoked if the company you applied for has gone bankrupt.

The Swedish gambling authorities will revoke your betting permit if you say you have no use for it. If your company has gone bankrupt, the permit will be withdrawn.

Everything you need to know about Gambling Regulations in Sweden. Organizations that offer betting services in the country must be licensed. Offering betting in a country without a license is illegal.

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