EuroMillions Winner Scammed £34,000 to Fund Gambling

Author: Live Casino Direct
EuroMillions Winner Scammed £34,000 to Fund Gambling

Reece Casey won £164,000 in a Euro Millions lottery draw in 2019. He scammed £34,200 from 25 people in Sunderland to fund his gambling addiction. Casey was sent to prison for a year.

Casey scammed his family friends to fund his gambling habit. He was sentenced on Wednesday. He had previously pleaded guilty to one count of fraud by false representation. The sentencing was supposed to take place at an earlier date, but there was an adjournment so more details of the offense could be gathered.

Casey has been gambling since he was 15 years old. He went to rehab in August 2021 and is still there. Casey is working towards paying back each of the victims. The judge did not believe that Casey was a bad person.