Euromillions £195million jackpot 'winner' writes bizarre letter to Bargain Booze

Euromillions £195million jackpot 'winner' writes bizarre letter to Bargain Booze

A bizarre letter from a writer claiming to be the winner of the record £195million EuroMillions jackpot added a strange twist to the tale when a small town found itself involved in a rumour.

Residents in Formby say the talk of the town was a rumour that they were responsible for a person winning the life-changing amount in the pan-European Lottery.

However, the 'winner' of the £195m Euromillions claims to have put the rumours to rest in a bizarrely written letter - sent to Bargain Booze no less.

Just a day after the numbers were drawn - on July 20 - a record £195million was claimed by one lucky ticket holder in the UK.

And immediately after the winnings were claimed, the town in Merseyside, was gripped by a rumour that spread like wildfire, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Residents and shopkeepers in the seaside town found themselves embroiled in talk that the winning ticket was bought in their town.

And one employee even went as far to say that they were certain they sold the winner the multi-million-pound ticket.

A shopworker at Bargain Booze told the ECHO the week after the winnings were claimed they were certain of this fact. They said: "I'm sure I sold [the winning ticket]. I remember serving one lad, I looked at the ticket and the numbers just looked right.

"Our boss is on holiday and we haven't heard anything from Camelot about whether we were the ones to sell it."

However, since the chat with the ECHO, the shop has had a bizarre handwritten anonymous letter sent to it, with one person claiming to have pocketed the jackpot with a ticket bought in Scotland rather than Merseyside.

The letter said: "Dear Bargain Booze,

"I don't know where you got the idea that the Euromillions ticket was bought in your shop. I am that winner and bought the ticket in Paisley."

It was then signed off strangely with the words: "Just for the record! Mr J.U."

Camelot said the company could neither confirm nor deny the location of where the jackpot winning ticket was bought.