Easy Blackjack Strategies for New Gamblers

Easy Blackjack Strategies for New Gamblers

If you want to get the best results as a blackjack player, you need to use basic strategy. This article includes six simple black jack plays you can start making right now.

Doubling down is a powerful rule for blackjack players. It gives you the option of putting twice as much money in play. When you have a hard total of 10, you should double down against any dealer card except an ace or card worth 10 points.

Easy Blackjack Strategies for New Gamblers explains how to split a pair. When you split 8s, you're switching from the worst starting hand total of hard 16 to two hands starting with 8. When splitting aces, when you start a hand with a single ace, and you have a good chance to win.

Insurance costs half of the starting bet and when you win, it pays you 2 to 1. When you lose the insurance wager when the dealer doesn't have 21, you still have to play the original bet. The odds of a dealer having a 21 are 2.25 to1.

The best bet amount you can make when you lay blackjack is the lowest amount available. Online black jack is usually the best option. Card counting is an advanced strategy method. It helps you know when to bet more. In the final section of this article, you will learn about a little-known black Jackpot secret.

The fastest way to improve your odds when you play blackjack is to pick the right table. Blackjack rules are either good or bad. Dealer has to stand on soft 17s. Hands with an ace that counts as 11 are called hands with A-6.

Dealer has to stand on soft 17s.

Dealer has to hit all soft 17s and double after a split.

Dealer has to hit all soft 17s. You're not allowed to double after a split.

The deck of cards used for blackjack games has two important cards: 5s and aces. When 5's are played, it improves your chances of winning the rest of the hands in the deck or show. Aces are used to decrease your chance of success.

If you're an inexperienced blackjack player, you can use the six simple tactics in this article to get better results. The size of bets is important. It's the only way to offset all of the hands you play without an advantage.