Driving Jackpots Forward: The Latest Big Win Innovations

Driving Jackpots Forward: The Latest Big Win Innovations

Jackpots are a reliable acquisition and retention tool. Without innovation, even the most effective products can stagnate with time. We speak to some of the biggest names in jackpot development to find out how they are keeping their jackpots offerings fresh and exciting.

Big Time Gaming released Megapays jackpot product in 2021. Relax Gaming has released Dream Drop. Kalamba devised a jackpots system that works more on an operator level of promotional functionality. Jackpot Race is an example of innovation on a conventional formula.  Jackpot races are where the operator can choose the level and number of players for their own players and then pay them accordingly. The main challenge is to define what product and player segment is being targeted and to ensure the delivery stands out from the crowd. In a market where there’s a lot of content being released, securing a degree of stickiness is essential to the jackpicks.

Jackpot products are stuck in a rut when it comes to innovation. JackpotEngine is a new product that acts as a separate transaction on top of any game. It is more powerful in terms of engagement and retention for this reason. AL and SH believe that jackpots have been working in favor of players for some time and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. AL believes that they offer plenty of entertainment for players. SE believes they are more effective in promoting the game and increasing the chance of winning. They are working on developing new features. The product is called Jack Pot Engine.

SE, AC and SH discuss the importance of diverse games portfolio with major jackpot prizes. They believe that progressive jackpots that create large prizes are in high demand in Europe and will continue to be so. AC believes that with varying levels of jack pot amounts, it's a good idea for the operator to offer as wide a selection as possible. The most important thing to establish first is a diverse portfolio of products. Marketing has become a science at this point. Operators are fighting over the fine margins that can make or break a product by as little as a percentage point and see significant resources sunk into it.

Habanero’s Jackpot Race is proving effective with players nowadays. Daily jackpots have become popular and are featured by nearly every operator. Megapays has also become extremely well-liked. Kalamba launched its first jackpot challenges and they have proved popular. They will continue to roll out their jack pot promotions in the coming months. They hope that it will become a go-to promo tool for their operators. Online gaming will take cues from social gaming. It will see many aspects of this universe continue in our own. The game will also introduce collectables and create value in logging in on a daily basis.

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